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Why SMEs need IT support amidst the pandemic

You would be hard-pressed to find a business that hasn’t been affected by the pandemic. Admittedly, some businesses have been able to flourish amidst all the uncertainty, but many more haven’t. With a nation-wide reliance on remote working schemes calling for countless employees to carry out the business’ essential processes from their own homes - proficient IT support and management has never been so important.

It’s essential, in these trying times, for IT support businesses to provide virtual services that adhere to the current safety measures and social distancing recommendations. Here at Mercury IT Solutions we do exactly this. Here's our insight into the overwhelming importance of quality IT support.

Software and Equipment

Access to the appropriate IT software and equipment should be a necessity when working from home, but due to the rushed nature of many remote working schemes, for many this was not an initial focus. Whilst many employees across the nation have made do with what they have, it’s certainly important that they have the right software and equipment in order to complete their daily processes effectively. Further to this, it’s also imperative in ensuring shared files can be accessed securely. Protective features, such as anti-virus software, are sure to be present on all work-based systems - and it’s essential these features are replicated on the systems used at home.

Every company should have a firewall in place on their network, in order to control what’s accessible for employees. Aside from boosting productivity, this works to prevent viruses and potential data breaches. Regardless of their remote working setup, it’s important that all employees remain protected. A dedicated IT support company can help with this.


Building on the importance of protecting against data breaches and malicious viruses, it’s worth considering the opportunistic nature of malware. Whilst this is considered by many as more of an annoyance than a threat, the dangers of malware are still prevalent, and with the current climate in mind, it’s important to be aware and protected. The mass worry of the pandemic, paired with the subpar security systems that many remote workers are burdened with, has resulted in a myriad of easy targets for those who profit off of the distribution of malware.

Although the majority of remote workers are likely to have a substantial knowledge of detecting and avoiding viruses and malware, this shouldn’t understate the importance of ensuring your business is well-protected. There is an abundance of digital threats out there, ready to target your business, making it all the more important to ensure your IT infrastructure is protected.

Data Storage and Management

An array of essential data will be present in any business, regardless of size. All of this data needs to be stored and managed effectively and efficiently, in a secure environment. It should be well protected, yet immediately accessible to all those with permission to access it.

This job is tailor-made for an IT support team. Without professional assistance, it becomes increasingly likely for data to be stored in vulnerable locations. Many of those inexperienced in the realm of cybersecurity may even inadvertently provide access to those without the appropriate permissions. When it comes to data protection, this is a mistake you can’t afford to make.

Seamless Communication

Many businesses will have struggled with internal communication thanks to the necessity for remote working. Despite having a myriad of contact methods at our disposal, a single, office-wide solution is often needed in order to ensure everyone stays in the loop. Setting this up can be deceptively difficult. However, channels of seamless communication, between both customers and colleagues, can be easily set up by an IT support team.

This could involve anything from simply configuring your company’s email servers to the setup of an office-wide video conferencing system. Different businesses will require different solutions in order to thrive whilst working remotely, and an IT support team will be able to identify and provide the solution that works best.

Essential Solutions

Operating the systems within your business is surely second-nature to many. But if something suddenly goes wrong whilst working remotely - bringing your essential processes to an unexpected halt - you may find yourself at a complete loss. Thankfully, an IT support team is perfectly placed to offer highly-skilled solutions to all but every technical issue that may arise.

If done sensibly and securely, remote working can be incredibly advantageous for any flexible and agile business. But don’t let surprising technical issues put a dent in your team’s productivity! By enlisting the assistance of an IT support team, you and your employees will be able to focus on the growth of the business, without the time-consuming worry of technical troubles slowing you down.


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