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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The following table shows the Guaranteed Response times for each priority level and provides priority level examples.  

Guaranteed Response Time Exclusions:

  • Additions, moves or changes to users, devices, configurations or network

  • Issues lodged incorrectly or not per your MSP Agreement

  • Issues lodged outside our Business Hours

  • Items caused by Hardware or Software not meeting our Minimum Standards

  • Service Requests related to Software not on our Recommended Technology Platform

  • Service Requests for issues that have been caused by you not acting on our advice

  • Service Requests for issues caused by you or a third party modifying any Hardware or Software

  • Service Requests for user-initiated Virus and Malware Infections

  • Service Requests involving the sourcing of hardware/software

  • Service Requests for Hardware and Software that are not under current warranty or maintenance coverage

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